Postmasters 5.0 @ Photofairs 2023

the path


at Photofairs 2023
Javits Center
Booth # 248

September 8 - 10, 2023


Oskar Dawicki, Homage to Bruce Lee, 2003, (As installed in Postmasters Chelsea 2011)

We want to contribute to culture as we see it.

Our currency is ideas that matter. It means embracing artists, young and old, whose works shape the future world. 

We have a substantial history of spotting the art ahead of mainstream approval.

In the course of 38 years we had four permanent locations in New York: large spaces in East Village, Soho, Chelsea and Tribeca. In the current global climate, in this country, in this city, such a model seems to be unsustainable for progressive, challenging, experimental art. Money continues to be the dominant measure of success and value, and money privileges familiarity above all. Perhaps it will change again.

Postmasters 5.0 is nomadic.

   We have so many plans, thoughts, and more to say. We are excited by a less structured, improvisational, positive future. We will temporarily go smaller, keep our digital presence and an NFT platform online at and continue programming PostmastersROMA. We will project big with "interventionist pop-up exhibitions". As we traverse the city, Postmasters 5.0 locations will be tailored to the art we will present.

We own our legacy, our successes, and our failures. We have always supported concepts at the starting edge of creative expression, taking risks and fighting for recognition of the artists that see things ahead of time. This is what best artists do. Postmasters 5.0 will continue to practice these ideas (or ideals) in a different format. We believe our model is the right one for history, for the moment, and for art's progress. Connecting brilliant work to a forward-thinking public is what Postmasters was born to do.

Galleries are defined by the artists they show, We are grateful to the artists that work with us, and to the collectors and institutions, big and small, that have supported us over the years and will, hopefully, continue to do so. We look forward to bringing new art to new generations of art audiences in new ways.

Magda and Tamas

Oskar Dawicki, Homage to Bruce Lee, 2003, (As installed in Postmasters Chelsea 2011)