Postmasters Gallery opened in East Village in December 1984.
In 1989 Postmasters moved to Soho to its location at 80 Greene Street.
In September 1998 the gallery relocated again to a new ground floor
space of a former 4,000 square feet garage in Chelsea on West 19th Street.
Postmasters is committed to showing young as well as established artists
working in all media. The artworks are generally content oriented,
conceptually based, and reflective of our time.
Given the configuration of the space (two large rooms) we often present
two independent exhibitions simultaneously.
In a still predominately technophobic art world, Postmasters is one of the
few galleries committed to showing art associated with new technologies
(digital and multimedia works) It began with - now seminal - "Can you Digit?"
-- an exhibition of digital projects on 30 computer stations that had taken
place in March 1996, and  "MacClassics (the immaculate machines)"
in September 1997. Most recent exhibitions are: "Behind the Firewall"
in April 2000, an exhibition of etoy.CORPORATION in May 2000, and
John Klima "Go Fish" in March 2001. Upcoming are exhibitions of
Ken Feingold (May 2001) and Wolfgang Staehle (September 2001).

Magdalena Sawon and Tamas Banovich
are the owners/directors of Postmasters

list of artists

L.C. Armstrong
Diana Cooper
David Diao
Elliott Green
Perry Hoberman
Spencer Finch
Ken Feingold
Natalie Jeremijenko
Mary Kelly
John Klima
Kristin Lucas
Steve Mumford
David Nyzio
Jack Risley
Christian Schumann
Vinyl Video
Claude Wampler
Maciej Wisniewski
Wolfgang Staehle

Postmasters Gallery, located in Chelsea at 459 West 19th Street, NYC 10011
is open Tuesday through Saturday 11am to 6 pm. Please contact Magdalena Sawon
or Tamas Banovich for any further information or with any questions that you might have.

phone:         212727-3323
fax:             212229-2829