Postmasters Gallery is pleased to present two projects by Los Angeles based artist Eddo Stern.

   The show will open on Saturday, October 19 and will remain on view until November 16, 2002.

  This will be Eddo Stern first exhibition in New York. the projects:


"Sheik Attack"

   "Sheik Attack" is a contemporary non/fiction horror film woven from pop nostalgia, computer war games, the sweat of virtual commandos, the blood of sheiks and a mis-rememberance of a long lost Zionist Utopia. Shown in New York for the first time this digital video is compiled from sources available exclusively on the computer Desktop environment - games, graphics, web sites and music. Based on known and documented facts, it creates a narrative of the Israeli-Palestinian (or more general Arabic) conflict. The the war computer games, where even the most violent attack fantasies are "just a game," acquire a startling real life relevance in "Sheik Attack."


   "Warcraft" is a selection of contemporary Afghani war rugs from private collections in New York, Los Angeles, and Israel organized and presented by Eddo Stern. The war rugs document the Afghani resistance to the Russian incursion using iconography of modern weaponry incorporated as decorative elements into the traditional rugmaking craft. A fascinating phenomenon of the past two decades, these rugs strongly resonate with a current geopolitical reality.

Eddo Stern is an Israeli born artist currently living in Los Angeles. He is a founder of C-Level, a non-profit media space in LA Chinatown.