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Postmasters Gallery is pleased to present GodsEye, an exhibition of new works by Eddo Stern. The show consists of two sections: an installation of hybridized sculptures incorporating computer hardware, and a digital video on the Vietnam War. Both address the culture of computer war games - simulation, historical fantasy, and nostalgia. This will be the artist's second show at Postmasters.



Keywords: Tolkien, Christ, Your Empire and Your Desktop

The title GodsEye is borrowed from the computer gaming term God's eye Perspective which positions the player as God/General/Wizard floating above the world and awarded total control over cities, armies and minions.

GodsEye is an installation consisting of four computer sculptures that make up a techno- /neo-medieval landscape built around the functional hardware elements of a computer desktop environment: keyboard, mouse, monitor, tower, etc.

Formally, it draws from the subcultures of custom computer case modifications, hardware hacking, computer game modification and sampling.

Crusade - A mechanical windmill desktop spins on its axis looping a posse of medieval avengers and a MIDI sample of Led Zeppelin's "Kashmir". (2002)

Fort Paladin [America's Army]- a medieval computer castle automaton trained to kill and master the infamous Army recruitment training game. (2003)

Omnivore's Cathedral [Whose Child is this?] - A neo-Christian Karaoke machine / computer cathedral with kinetic gargoyles that sing along an empire's theme song. (2003)

USS Dragoon [One God to Rule Them All...And in the Darkness Bind Them] - An Elvin class computer aircraft carrier prepared for battle with an on deck army of knights and dragons. (2003)

"Vietnam Romance" 2003 (DVD, TRT 25 min)

Much like Eddo Stern's widely screened Sheik Attack (2000) which was shown at Postmasters last year, Vietnam Romance is compiled form the sources available exclusively on the computer desktop environment: games, graphics and music. A remix of the Vietnam war experience with a MIDI soundtrack and computer game clips, Vietnam Romance is a tour of nostalgia for romantics and deathmatch veterans. Feel the Nam, the Elephant Grass, the Red Clay, the Cong and the Rain, Feel the Nam.... A last chance to consider a lesson lost.

Eddo Stern is an Israeli born artist currently living in Los Angeles. He is a founder of C-Level, a non-profit media space in LA Chinatown.