Postmasters Gallery is pleased to announce the opening of "2001" - an exhibition of new works by Wolfgang Staehle. The show will open on September 6 and will be on view until October 6, 2001. The reception is scheduled for Thursday, September 6, between 6 and 8 pm. For Wolfgang Staehle, widely recognized as a pioneer of the internet art scene, this will be the first solo exhibition in New York in ten years. Staehle was born in Stuttgart in 1950, grew up in Schwaebisch Hall, and has been living in New York since 1976, where he worked as a video artist. In 1991 he founded THE THING, an independent media project which began as a bulletin board system (BBS) and became one of the seminal online- and offline- forums for Staehle most recent work explores the dynamics, sensations and implications of connectivity. The exhibition at Postmasters will focus on large-scale, real time video projections from locations around the world. Effectively transcending technology into a somewhat Warholian update of the landscape genre, the first of these pieces presented a live image of the Empire State Building in New York. "Empire 24/7" was included in the "net_condition" show at ZKM Center in Karlsruhe in 2000 and in "loans from the invisible museum" at Yerba Buena Arts Center in San Francisco in 2001. Staehle's exhibition at Postmasters will consist of three new web-transmissions: the instantly recognizable television tower in Berlin, the medieval Comburg monastery, and a spectacular panoramic view of  lower Manhattan. The projections - a visceral experience in synchronicity - where the net is utilized as data pipeline, offer an instantaneous compression of time and space. Non-relative terms like "here" and "now" attain a new meaning where the literal and the metaphorical converge. In today's ever-present, frenetic networking of the the globe as a way of experiencing anything anywhere anytime, Staehle offers the antidote of a reflective slowdown of beautiful images, close and far away, static and changing at the same time.