Born 1970 in Rhode Island. Lives and works in New York.


B.F.A., San Francisco Art Institute, 1992 AICA New York Studio Program, Spring 1991


2001 Gagosian Gallery, Los Angeles 2000 Galerie Gebauer, Berlin 1999 Postmasters Gallery, New York 1998 ³Works on paper², Postmasters Gallery, NewYork 1997 White Cube/Jay Jopling, London 1996 Il Capricorno, Venice, Italy 1995 Postmasters Gallery, New York Ruth Bloom Gallery, Los Angeles Postmasters Gallery (project room), New York 1994 Daniel Weinberg Gallery, San Francisco 1993 Postmasters Gallery, New York 1992 ³Works On Paper,² Project room, Postmasters Gallery, New York Anti­Matter Gallery, San Francisco 1991 ³Arid Flowers of Gongorism,² DOG, San Francisco


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