Swatter is a single player, video game about killing insects.
Virtual bugs are crawling down the walls of the gallery and it is up to you and your flyswatter to fend them off. When things get too scary there is an emergency button that turns on a real light which, naturally, scares them all away. Of course they come back, and they bring their friends. And of course, the emergency light only works some of the time. How long can you hold out? Will you set a high score?
*Use the fly swatter on the painted swatter area to start the game.
*Swatting fires the turret and the knob in the middle controls your aim.
*The blue button is your emergency switch, press it when you are in dire straights. It will only work when lit, and will only light up again after 20 kills.
Swatter was made by Joe McKay with Processing and the Arduino Micro- Controller.