R G B w e b d r o i d s 2
Try to survive and shoot as fast as you can in the process. Mauro Ceolin concentrates his attention on the video game's universe. According to him the video game is not only an entertainment, but also a form of communication. Unlike other neopop artists, Ceolin does not analyze the videogame only as a language, but he uses it as a language and as a medium to communicate and describe reality. RGBwebroids2 is not a surrealistic videogame. It describes a real web-social scenery. Ceolin describes this Internet war with his favorite language: the videogame. This media allows the artist to describe facts, real situations with a brief, fast and ironic language, which everybody can understand. (from "Expanded City" 13TH MEDIA ART BIENNALE WRO 09, Europejska Stolica Kultury Wroclaw, Poland)