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"Joy and Revolution"

june 8 - july 20

bureau of inverse technology

Ken Feingold

Natalie Jeremijenko

Paul Johnson

Robert Heckes

Perry Hoberman

John Klima

Kristin Lucas

Jennifer and Kevin McCoy

Maciej Wisniewski

Postmasters Gallery is pleased to present "Joy and Revolution" - a group exhibition of works in varied media from paintings to networked installations which address the effect of new technologies on information and entertainment cultures.

In "Joy and Revolution" the artists explore artificial intelligence, computer games and kiddie rides, database creation, iconography of the internet, collection, processing and interface of information, paranatural phenomenons, animatronic butterflies, gps, unmanned spy rockets, 3D vision, and other issues relevant to 2002 reality.

An experience not to be missed, ³Joy and Revolution² brings art up to date.......