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Postmasters Gallery is pleased to present an exhibition of new works by Spencer Finch. The show will open on November 22 and will remain on view until December 21, 2002. The opening reception is scheduled for Saturday, November 23 between 6 and 8 pm.

Spencer Finch's new show is titled “From things you can't remember to things you can't forget. It includes works in a wide range of materials and techniques that explore color, light, memory, and history.

Among the works in the exhibition is Eos - a monumental installation of 75 carefully calibrated fluorescent lights which recreates the exact light conditions of dawn in Troy (no, not New York), and a series of 100 ink drawings of colors from the artist's dreams, in the form of Rorschach blots.

This exhibition marks a continuation of Finch's exploration of the gaps between objectivity and subjectivity as well as his fascination with science and its limits. In work that is alternately playful, poetic, and absurd, Finch examines the space between the visible and the invisible, between remembering and forgetting...

Spencer Finchs last show in New York took place in November 2000. It was followed by solo exhibitions at Rhona Hoffman Gallery in Chicago and Galerie Yvon Lambert in Paris as well as an exhibition Waterworks curated by Kim Levin for the Nordic Watercolor Museum in Goeteborg, Sweden. Finch will participate in a video program curated by James Rondeau at the Miami Basel Art Fair in December 2002.