Etoy: cultural terrorists and business hackers have arrived!

The 40ft steel etoy.TANK has occupied 19th St @ 10th Ave, the beach head of the advance party for the planned invasion of NYC!

Award-winning etoy has become famous for its pioneer art products on the internet and more recently for the legal battle with multi-billion dollar company

Representatives of etoy: etoy.BOARD members, the etoy.CEO and etoy.PRESIDENT will be available for appointments. The etoy.SHARE-HOLDERS, Douglas Rushkoff, Joichi Ito, John Perry Barlow and Dj Spooky will be signing etoy.SHARES on site.

Background: Against all expectations etoy was able to ward off the rather unfriendly takeover attempt by the multi-billion dollar company eToys. The lawsuit generated the development of a highly complex media-artwork-TOYWAR - which produced the successful resistance of small David against powerful and brutal Goliath as an international art performance, spanning four months of the recent etoy.CORPORATION history. The court case that was followed by thousands received expansive press coverage with over 300 articles appearing in the international press, including CNN, the New York Times, and Le Monde. There was a mass public outcry both on and off line as protestors of all different walks of life, senators, lawyers, artists, among them, demanded freedom on the internet and justice for etoy. The event has been heralded as not only a precedent in internet law, but also as the greatest and most expensive art performance ever!

etoy.TOYWAR - the legendary dot-com battlefields
etoy.TANK 7 - etoy.CORPORATE-ENVIRONMENT component
60 etoy.SHARE-CERTIFICATES - cultural value & real time voting / /

Sun microsystems - KPN/Qwest - MIGROS - CRCA/UCSD - PRO HELVETIA - City of Zug, are proud to be associated with etoy
Public opening Saturday, April 29th 6 - 8 pm For further information please contact
Suzanne Meszoly, curator and press contact Tel: 917.678-8528
or Magdalena Sawon at Postmasters Tel: 212-727-3323
Postmasters Gallery located at 459 West 19th Street (corner of 10th Avenue) is open Tuesdays through Saturdays between 11 and 6 pm /