Swarm, 2003-2005
corrugated plastic, paper, ink, acrylic, felt, foam core, photos, velcro and map pins
dimensions variable

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Untitled (The Emerger), 2005
acrylic, ink, acetate, felt, paper, foamcore and map pins
122" x 118" x 28.5"

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Orange Alert: USA, 2005
acetate, acrylic, felt, neoprene, paper, foam core, corrugated plastic and map pins
168" x 203" x 108"

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Mechanical Cloud, 2004
corrugated plastic, photos, felt, neoprene, foamcore, acetate and paper
76" x 82" x 7.5"

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Tropical Depression, 2004
ink, acrylic, pencil, acetate, felt, foam core and paper
26.5" x 43" x 2.25"
Trapped, 2005
ink, acrylic, foam core, paper and map pins
34.5" x 40.5" x 2.75"

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Moving Targets in Back and White, 2004 - 2005
acrylic and ink on linen
59" x 52"